Bikers’ Scenic Byway

Spend less time sitting in traffic and more time enjoying the ride during your Sturgis motorcycle rally vacation.

Here’s What This Road Will Do For You

Alleviate traffic bottlenecks that cause you to bake for hours in the sun and overheat during your vacation. | Tweet

Provide a quick alternate route from I-90 to campgrounds, Sturgis and rally destinations so you don’t spend half of a concert or event stuck in traffic. | Tweet

Give you a scenic shortcut through prairie and pine so you can enjoy more riding and recreational activities. | Tweet

Get you to emergency care facilities faster if you or a loved one have a medical emergency. | Tweet

Route large trucks and tractors down a country byway instead of through downtown Sturgis, making roads safer for all. | Tweet

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Bikers Scenic Byway Map

Hear what others are saying

  • An extra road will get rid of some of the congestion, which makes visiting more appealing!

    – Laurie Cutler
  • This road has been needed for years. As a 'tourist' I would love to have a better access road. Putting in the new byway will alleviate traffic through chocked roadways.

    – Chris Jensen McAfee
  • As a visitor to the rally, I have seen the problems that exist and think it is an excellent idea to improve and put this road thru. The wait times going thru town are terrible and extremely hard on a Harley when the temps are high.

    – Michael Spann
  • I have been caught in the huge traffic jams. If the hospital is on one end of town and there's an accident or heart attack on the other it will be way better for the ambulance getting through with the new road.

    – Andy Nelson
  • Yes! Sick of the overheating traffic jam.

    - OJ Von Baron Wright
  • I'm from SD and have lived in Rapid for 10 years. Another road is LONG OVERDUE!

    – Holly Iverson
  • The byway will allow us to visit the town and establishments and enjoy the time instead of getting frustrated and avoiding it.

    - Michelle Staberg Pachunka
  • This road will make traveling in and out of the area much safer.

    - Jacky Unzelman-Vasek

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Bikers’ Scenic Byway, officially named Fort Meade Way, will be an alternate access route to the east side of Sturgis, SD for residents, businesses, tourists, Fort Meade Veterans Hospital employees and veterans, and Sturgis Brown High School employees and students.

Right now Fort Meade Way terminates at two dead ends separated by approximately two miles of unimproved highway, which is what keeps folks from having a five or six-minute trip to I-90 from the east side of Sturgis. The road will connect Highways 34 and 79 to Interstate 90 at Exit 37.

The Meade County Commission has accepted a bid for this road’s construction. It will be a wide and very scenic road.

  • Area Residents
  • Rally Campgrounds and Concert Venues
  • Fort Meade Employees (approx. 600 commute from the east)
  • Fort Meade Serviced Veterans
  • Sturgis Brown High School Students
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Tourists
  • Rally Attendees
  • Truck Drivers
  • Ranchers
  • Businesses in other cities that serve Meade County
  • Future businesses that want to relocate and grow in Meade County
  • The City of Sturgis

It’s estimated to be ready for travel by the end of July 2016.

Yes. Both ends of the road are currently named Fort Meade Way.

The road will be 66 feet wide (including the right of way) at first. However, the easement is 100 feet, which could allow Fort Meade Way to later become a paved road.

We were told the road will be gravel treated with magnesium chloride (mag water). The road’s magnesium chloride chemical treatment will make its surface harder and more compact than untreated gravel. By binding road particles together, this compound will keep dust down, reduce erosion and help prevent the surface from becoming uneven or developing potholes. The easement is 100 feet wide so that eventually the road could become three-lanes of pavement.

The winning bid came in at $1.28 million, which is less than half the cost of the $2.6 million estimated for the project.

Local taxpayers have requested the completion of the section line for over 30 years. Those who will use the road pay taxes, and the businesses of the employees who will use the road likely pay a large percentage of them.

No. Taxes will not increase due to this road. No school funding sources will be used to build the road.